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  • What is your Theoretical Orientation?

    My early training in graduate school was in existential psychotherapy. My post doctoral work was in Psychoanalytic psychotherapy with individuals. Following my post doctoral work I trained in the the post modern approach to psychotherapy, which focused on a solution focused, brief therapy model. My current approach considers the needs and presenting issues of the individual person or couple.The treatment can range from short term, specific work to deeper family of origin therapy. I am an active participant in the process. I work collaboratively with my clients. My approach with couples is from a family systems approach. I see the “relationship” as the client. I work with the couple to recalibrate their system. Each partner is encouraged to take an active role in the change.

  • Infertility and Family Building Therapy

    Infertility and family building therapy can be done individually, if appropriate, or with a couple. Individuals may come in when they are going through the process. Finding oneself unable to do the one thing that most people and families do easily is extremely painful. A place to go for support and understanding is very important. Couples come in when infertility questions or treatments are putting a strain on the relationship. I also see single people facing decisions about family building and/or going through infertility treatment.

  • What happens in the initial meeting or consultation?

    One of the reasons for the initial meeting is to assess whether we would work well together. We also can begin an assessment of the issues facing the individual or couple. I do charge for the initial visit.

  • Are you covered by health insurance plans?

    I am out-of network for most insurance plans. Most plans have some coverage for out-of-network providers. Please call for more information. My office will submit insurance claims for you for reimbursement.

  • Fees and Insurance

    “My fee is $165 per hour. I can be flexible, depending on certain circumstances. I am not a provider on any panels, however, I am happy to submit your bills to insurance as a courtesy. Many insurance companies have generous ‘outside the network’ benefits for psychotherapy. I do not follow up with them regarding payments.” – Dr. Toni Rabinowitz

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